Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The nurse called with my blood work this morning.

hCG = 212 mIU/ml

She said the ‘normal’ range (this varies greatly) for someone in their 4th week is about 50-425.

The number is not the important piece. It is how that number performs over the next 48 hours. The goal is that number should double (increase by at least 66%) in 48 hours. My fingers (eyes, toes, feet, legs, arms, etc) are crossed for doubling. Goal = 450. C’mon sweet little embryo, we can do this!

While she doesn’t give out definitive congratulations or regrets, she did say that she sure hopes I am taking my prenatal vitamins and drinking plenty of water! She was also able to get me tentatively scheduled for an early ultrasound on Friday, July 22nd. Originally I was going to have to wait until mid-August!

J and I have decided to wait to tell our parents until after the next blood test comes back. We’re going to Eastern Washington this weekend to visit my dad for his birthday, and I cannot think of a better gift.

48 hours from now we’ll have the results of the second blood draw. This is all very exciting and very scary. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. I was so excited at first, I forgot the title!
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  1. That's an amazing number- I'm hoping for an amazing second draw! Praying hard for you guys!!

    P.S. I just emailed you! :)

  2. I'm praying your next number is just as good!

  3. Congratulations!!!! So happy for you!! I'll be praying for those doubling numbers!!! xoxo

  4. Just found your blog on another blog that I follow and I guess I caught you on the right day. CONGRATS. fingers crossed for you next draw.

  5. Wonderful news! I can't wait to hear what your next beta produces! How exciting! We're going to have to meet up IRL for sure now!

  6. Absolutely, ADS! Oh and the playdates we will have!!!

  7. Great beta number! Praying for super high doubled numbers!

  8. SO SO exciting!! I remember that anxiousness while awaiting the 2nd beta numbers. I have everything crossed for you too! GREAT news that you can get in for an earlier ultrasound too.