Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dr Visit Updates

Well, I'm not really sure where to start. The appointment didn't exactly go where I'd hoped. I still have no definitive answers.

I had a good feeling about this appointment. For one, I took my meds as prescribed (doh!) and I had more CM yesterday then probably the collective group in the OBGYN waiting room. Can't be bad, right? Wrong. My cysts were smaller than they've ever been. Really!? Smaller!? NOTE TO FOLLICLES: SMALLER IS THE WRONG DIRECTION.

So, my doc (AKA Doc Oc - because he kind of looks like the Spiderman villain. No, he really does!) has two theories:

1. I've already ovulated. There was a decent amount of fluid (whatever that means! I forgot to ask, so I wrote it down to ask him when I see him Thursday - more on that in a sec) which typically isn't present until after ovulation. I also had what I think I remember him calling a triple-stripe, which essentially means my lining looked excellent, which would also lead him to believe I was very close to ovulating (had my follicles been developed) or I already had. This would mean I ovulated around day 10-11. That is really early, however it would help explain my short cycle last month (24 days) and two months before that.

2. I didn't respond AT ALL to the Femara. I gave Doc Oc my confession about not taking the meds right. He said there can be a bit of adjustment before the meds will do their job, and usually he likes to give that two cycles. Since I screwed the proverbial pooch last month, he would want to see me take them again next cycle if we're not pregnant.

Because of this uncertainty he wants to see me again Thursday. Do another ultrasound and see what the old lady bits look like. He said that he would like to do this comparison because he's curious and wants to figure me out. He's not even going to charge me for the visit, I'm coming in at the end of his day. He's nice and supportive, I like him.

I also chatted with Doc Oc about diet and exercise. I told him that I have a fellow PCOS'er that told me that carbs were evil for someone with PCOS and I asked his opinion. He completely agreed. He went into this rather long, but nicely dumbed down, explanation about how increased insulin production can inhibit your pancreas from sending your ovaries the right messages regarding ovulation, etc. Managing your carbs helps to regulate your insulin, thus chilling your pancreas the hell out. If I 'must' eat something heavily carbed, he suggested exercise after that meal to help in digestion. I asked if I should be using any particular 'diet', like South Beach and he said SB would be excellent. He also mentioned that he isn't concerned about me being a specific number on the scale. He wants me to be practicing good nutrition and getting my exercise. (See, he's great, right!?)

We talked briefly about other options. He suggested getting a consult from an RE. Even chatted a bit about IVF, how it works, and if we'd be open to a procedure like that. Overall we had a really excellent conversation. I'm so glad to have a doctor we can talk to. He's really open and honest, but does a great job soliciting our opinions as well.

Thursday I return for another date with the dildo cam. Part of me feels much better having more tools (the diet part) and part of my feels so defeated for going another month without answers.


  1. He sounds like a great doctor - I'm hoping to find someone like that for me - so far I have been unimpressed with Dr. H and Dr. Foreign Accent. Here's hoping you can figure this out soon!

  2. hmmmm....I guess I should cut back on the carbs huh? I'm a carboloading ho...Pasta is my comfort food. CRAP.

    *sigh* Good luck honey.

  3. Ask about Metformin for PCOS. It deals with the weird insulin levels better than a low-carb diet. That's what worked for me.

  4. I left that part out - oops! We did discuss metformin for a bit. He says that it isn't the most fun drug to be on (any experience??), so if we can manage it with just the femara and my diet, we can try.