Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday

1. Spring Snow - the northwest is getting dumped on and considering we are spending the week in Whistler, we are LOVING it.

2. Good food - one of the people we are traveling with can cook. No joke, I'm fairly certain I've gained back all the weight I've lost eating baked mostacholi (sp!?), ribs, twice baked potatoes, salmon dips, brie, etc, etc, etc.

3. Wine - I have had some of the most delicious wine ever. I have some wino friends and I am definitely reaping the benefits.

4. Mountains - everywhere I look I have this beautiful view.

5. Vacation - I cannot tell you how badly I needed this time away. I am relaxed, we don't have to drive anywhere, I've not cooked a damn thing, there is amazing snow and we're doing a lot of adventuring.

6. Zip lines - AWESOMENESS. We did our first zip line today and we had an absolute blast!

7. My Mama - She is staying at our house while we're away and is watching our pooches. She's way too good to us.

8. Hot tubs - especially after a full day on the slopes. Speaking of which... I think that's where I'll go now...


  1. Color me jealous. (even though I hate the snow and don't ski) I'm jealous of the fun and relaxing parts.

    I really need a trip to the beach soon (yea, I'm one of THOSE girls..LOL)

  2. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow, but do not stand between me and a trip to the beach!

    I just love the water in all of its forms. :)