Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday

1. My Husband. I know I've included him in TT's of the past, but this Saturday is his birthday and I'm feeling a little extra appreciative for having such a wonderful person in my life. He takes such good care of me, supports me in whatever it is I'm doing and is the reason I get up and face another day. I honestly do not know of a better man, or person, in my world. He is kind, generous, and loyal. He's totally the boy scout that helps little old ladies cross the street and help a buddy haul gravel. Babe, I know you don't stop by here often, but if you do I love ya more than life itself. Happy Birthday.

2. Vanpool. I live approx 35 miles from work and the traffic in my area can turn that into about an hour, give or take, of hell. Thankfully I meet up with some other peeps from work and we commute together in a van. I don't even have to drive. That leads me to #3...

3. Naps. Since the pup has entered our lives my sleep is hit or miss. I am an 8 hours a night kind of gal (I know this will change when we have babes...). Since I don't have to drive to and from the office, and I have the invaluable talent of being able to sleep ANYWHERE, I get 1.5 naps a day. Got. To. Have. My. Naps. They're priceless and I'm pretty certain they're what keep me from jumping off my building.

4. I love this site. It has really helped me hold myself accountable for counting calories (it has every food imaginable in their list!), tracking how much water I drink, my weight, and even recording how many calories I'm burning during my workouts. I find that I think twice about what I'm going to eat if I know I have to record it someplace.

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