Tuesday, April 27, 2010

National IF Awareness Week

In my attempts to put together something meaningful for NIAW, I have done a pretty significant amount of reading. I share frequently where I'm at with our journey, but today I wanted to give you some additional resources that you may, or may not, be aware of.

Stirrup Queens - This website has a tremendous amount of information. This is where I got the details on IF Common Thread that I shared a couple weeks ago.

The National Infertility Association - they provide a number of tools for IF education as well as a home to the official NIAW site.

The most important links I can provide are those to other mommy(wannabe) bloggers like me.

Buckin - Rubber Baby Buckin Bumpers
Jenny - What the Blog
Mrs. Joe - The Soapscum Avenger
Jessica - The Southern Belle Baby (who I might add has successful defeated the IF devil and has the most adorable son ever!)

I know there are many many more. These are just the ones that I happen to frequent most. If I missed you, please leave your blog info in the comments and I will add to this list.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have a voice. A safe non judgemental place where I can just be me and feel whatever it is I'm feeling. If I can 'advertise' other women doing the same, then I will.

On the Stirrup Queen's site they had a project for NIAW. They provided a list of questions and asked that you pick one, or make up your own, and take it back to your own blog to answer it. Here it goes...

What if I can never just be happy with what I have and stop being angry, bitter, and sad about what I do not (from Cathy)?

I'm not angry and bitter and sad every day. However, those days to occur and I would be hugely remiss to deny that fact. The issue here, as I interpret it, is bigger than that. And I'd like to answer it in two ways.

1. How can I learn to be happy again with my life as it is? I'm trying really hard to continue to live my life. Travel, love my husband, go out with my wonderful friends. To be 25 and living. Appreciative of my health and the opportunities provided to me. I think this is what has kept me from slowly driving myself insane. You never forget. The fact that you're struggling with IF is never completely out of your mind. But, over time you learn to try to focus on other things, at least for the majority of the time.

2. When do you stop trying and accept what hand you were dealt? This is the other way I read the question. I have a much harder time with this. There are definitely days when I'm frustrated and scared and I'm not sure I can keep doing this. Keep disappointing myself. To keep failing month after month after month. When do you sit back, stop taking the meds, visiting the doc, and just let nature take its course. Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to that question. I know that we're not there yet. That I'm not done fighting for my desire to have a family of more than two (and a couple of cute pups). I am determined to make my husband a father. To bring the laughter and love we share every single day to the life of a little person. To contribute to the growth and development of our next generation. I never want to completely lose my faith, but someday my faith may have to turn into letting nature take its course. I have friends that have taken this path and it has worked out for some and others have, on the surface at least, moved on with their lives. I cannot predict where my path will take me, but I can tell you that I will stay here (like it or not! :)) and share my story. With the hope that maybe I will impact even one person like the ladies I listed above have impacted me.

Please spread the word this week. IF affects so many couples and so many more know nothing about the statistics or the things they can do to prevent some of these struggles. I knew an embarrassingly small amount about reproduction and about my body when J and I started down this path over 19 months ago. I have learned SO much about my body and this community I now belong to. I hope that I (and you!) can help bring that same education to other women that may be just starting out.

**Side note: Please leave me your email if you're interested in the common thread bracelet! I'll write and get your address.**


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I tried to answer the questions, but it was too hard for me. I am interested in a bracelet - jenny72982@gmail.com

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  3. I'm interested in a bracelet. Found you through The Soapscum Avenger. Email is hoping4ababyski@live.com. Me and the hubby are currently on IVF cycle #1!

  4. I'm interested in a common thread bracelet too. Brunettebeachgirl@hotmail.com



  5. What I love about Project IF is that I realize that I'm (we're) not alone. Your post is beautiful and it spoke to me. Thanks for that.

    Now a follower!