Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday (Week 2)

Here we go again!

1. Lacey - my new pup. She is so sweet and lovable. Yes, she can be a PITA, and potty training is tough stuff, but damn it if she still isn't cute while she's causing trouble.

2. Working from home. Thankfully tomorrow I do not have to come into the office. It is nicely timed too because I have been anticipating my vacation (see #3) for weeks and one more day at the office might just put me over the edge.

3. VACATION. Even though it isn't here yet, just thinking about our trip brings me happiness. 6 days in Whistler. Have I mentioned that it is just DUMPING snow up there? We are going to have an amazing trip. 3 days of snowboarding, a hot tub on our balcony with a view of the mountains, good food, no work, sleeping in... you can bet your ass these will appear on next weeks addition of TT.

4. Sugar Free Rockstar - (See #1)

5. My new Banana Republic dress. A cute LBD I picked up a couple of weeks ago. I finally got to rock it this week and ya'll it is SO cute. love love love

6. One piece bathing suits that don't have skirts. I wanted to buy a new suit before our trip and as much as I despise suit shopping (especially when you've had a day filled with compliments on my cute new dress! that's a long way to fall), This one is cute and stylish. I described the dress to J and he was not impressed, much like most men are when you're talking about clothes you will be wearing and not clothes you'll be taking off. However, I tried it on to get J's opinion and his face was priceless. 'I really like it!' That made me feel much better.

Okay, so it wasn't a deep and meaningful list, but I don't have energy for deep this week. I'm all about survival. Talk to me after a week of R&R and then perhaps you'll get more than 'sugar free rock star'.

Is it too late to add another entry for the BR dress? Seriously, it is cuuuute! ;)

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