Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not so thankful.

While I am appreciative of taking time to acknowledge the things/people in my life I am thankful for, today has turned into a day I am not thankful for at all.

First of all, I didn't sleep for more than two hours last night. Miss Lacey, our sweet and lovable pup, decided that she was going to party like it was 1999 allllll niiiiiiggghhht long. She just did not want to be in her crate. I do my best to ignore her unless she needs to go potty (we can usually tell that cry from all the others) because we don't want to train her to know that we'll let her out if she barks or whines. But when it goes on for HOURS I had to do something. I got up after about an hour or so of listening to it the first time and brought her downstairs (I waited until she stopped barking for a bit). I played with her, wrestled around, let her out, etc. After about an hour I brought her back up to her crate. She was good for about 5 minutes (long enough for me to doze off) and she started in again. UGH. I got back to sleep just after 3 and I get up at 3:50. Sucky.

Don't get me started on the work drama today. I will just say that people need to worry more about themselves and grow the eff up!

Not an hour after my TT post below I took a trip to the restroom. Did my business, wiped, stood up and buckled my pants, turned to flush and noticed the red toilet paper. F*&%!! Yes, that's right, I do believe AF has shown up almost a week early. Lovely.

So for all that I am thankful for, today is not high on the list.

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