Friday, August 26, 2011


I turned 27 this week. I'm not entirely certain how I feel about it. I keep saying that I simultaneously feel very young and very old.

I had a great birthday. A very productive and fun day at work - my coworkers stayed to decorate my office after I left. There were crazy signs, streamers, and arrows all over my door and walls. I left work a little bit early and a couple friends took me to lunch at this really nice steak house downtown - one of my favorite of all time. We ate like kings, drank wine, and laughed like mad. Once I got home, I was so stuffed that I had no interest in dinner and J and I spent the evening snuggled on the couch. Birthdays in the middle of the week will do that to you. Or, is that a sign I'm getting old??

J has been a little wishy-washy about this weekend. First we were going to barbecue and I guess we waiting to long and most of our friends are busy, we were going to go to dinner Saturday and now we're going tonight. Now on Saturday he is talking about going to the state fair, just the two of us. I have my suspicions, there have been quickly turned computer screens and 'I'm not telling you any more''s... that boy is up to something. I am just crossing my fingers that I'm not getting my hopes up to truly just be having a chill weekend with my man (which I will never complain about!).

Either way, 27 has started out pretty great. I wasn't sure what I thought about transitioning into my mid-to-late 20's, but so far - so good. I feel more confident and at peace than I did in my early 20's. I've weathered a few more storms and that has rounded my edges a bit. I feel stronger, smarter, and a bit wiser (don't you laugh!). I've even taken small steps to work toward my purging and organizational goals.

26 was a roller coaster. Too many sad lows - getting dumped by my OB, taking a break from TTC, another Christmas without children, stress at work, helping friends through loss, work stress, family arguments, etc. However, there were a lot of wonderfully amazing highs - Travel (Las Vegas, cabins, Idaho, California, Eastern Washington, and of course - Europe.), great time with friends, 10 anniversary, Jeremy's 30th, a new job, seeing and experiencing my first weeks of pregnancy, hearing my mom and sister (and our lovely friends) cry when we told them we were expecting the first time, reaching and maintaining my 50lb weight loss goal - after 3 years of working at it, and many many more.

I'm ready for more stability with 27. I'm hoping that it is nothing like 26. I am still powering through The Year of Me (2011) and hope to finish stronger than I started.

Hello, 27, it's nice to finally meet you.

I will leave you with a funny...
J and I have just finished 'celebrating' (sorry, tmi, but what do you expect around here!?) the anniversary of my birth. Snuggled in bed, almost ready to doze off, J says, "Wow. I've never been with a 27 year old before." Goofball.


  1. What a goofball. :)

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. LOL Men :0P

    Happy Birthday! Hope 27 treats you well!

  3. I just had my 27th bday this week, too!! Someone told me "welcome to your late 20's" to which I replied "oh no, I'm claiming mid until 29" ;)