Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Getaway

::satisfied sigh::

This weekend was exactly what we needed.

After a long day of work, we spent Friday night hanging out with friends by the fire. Had a couple of beers, ate pizza, and reminisced about the good ol' days. The dogs played in the yard and we laughed until it got dark outside. A great way to end the week.

Saturday was mostly business. We were up at a decent hour and by 9:30 it was Chores-a-Palooza 2011. Jeremy tackled the outside, while I made the inside my bitch. He trimmed hedges, pulled weeds, edged, and mowed. While inside I was scrubbing the bathtub, wiping down walls, vacuuming, scrubbing floors, and dusting. We worked until about noon and took a break to have lunch in the sunshine. We spent about 45 minutes chatting and enjoying the gorgeous day before we got back at it to finish up. By the end I was exhausted. I would have liked to accomplish a couple more things, but we were spent. We got SO much done! We even made a small list of things that we needed to fix/replace that we found along the way (silly things like needing a new shower caddy).

After all of the hard work we'd put in on Saturday, we had earned our glorious Sunday. I took Monday off, so we headed into the foothills to stay at the Salish Lodge. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you owe it to yourself to save your pennies and visit this place. I happened to get an extremely good Living Social deal (so good that it was only available for a day and a half instead of the original seven days!), so it wasn't so bad in terms of cost for us. Since we saved a bundle on the room itself, we scheduled an afternoon massage. It was Jeremy's first and I'd say he had more than earned it after the last six weeks or so.

We had a leisurely Sunday morning, got packed up and headed out. We stopped and had brunch at the Cheesecake Factory and I even did a little shopping at The Loft. We made it to the lodge before 2:00pm. Just in time to scope the place out before our 3:00 massage. Let me tell you - it was heaven on earth. It has been awhile since I'd gotten a massage, and there was definitely those points where it 'hurt so good', but by the end I was butter and it was tremendous. We took a little nap, returned to the spa to soak in the hot tub, and then got ready for dinner. We opted for the more casual Attic lounge, instead of the formal dining room, and we were not disappointed. We'd gotten there with perfect timing to be seating in the best seat in the house - a perfect view of Snoqualmie Falls. We had a couple drinks, a delicious dinner, and watched the sunset.

Our room was phenomenal. Honestly one of the nicer rooms I've stayed in and I have a pretty great list! It had a real wood burning fireplace (wood in the room), a cozy king sized bed, a patio and grass area outside, and a bathtub to die for. A giant two person jetted tub that even had crazy lights. They made sure I had bath salts for a good post-massage soak.

Needless to say, I didn't want to leave!! J managed to tear me out of the cozy bed and drag me down to what turned out to be one of the best breakfasts I've ever eaten. He had tasty waffles and me the french toast (no mention of a diet this weekend!), we shared some cocoa and watched the mist rise off of the falls.

We took our time coming home too. We stopped and did some window shopping, made a Costco run (I'm stocked on healthy food for the week!), and came home to make dinner and relax. We had a good discussion (started as a bit of an argument actually...) over getting rid of some of our stuff. We have a tendency to just pack things away instead of getting rid of things we don't need or use. Because God forbid if someday we might need it! About once or twice a year I purge some of it, but we need an overhaul. After a protective moment over some CDs, Jeremy agreed it was time for a purge. He suggested that we'd tackle one room each week. He felt that would help accommodate some of our busy nights and give us a chance to do a little bit throughout the week before finishing up on the weekend. Folks, we've got a plan. Even better - I got started today! I spent almost an hour in our room going through nightstands and the storage bench at the end of our bed. I cleaned out purses and already have a full tub of potential garage sale stuff!

It was a great long weekend. It gave me a chance to enjoy myself, take my mind off my troubles, and get some much needed one-on-one time with my husband. The nicest part was that even when my mind did wander to our loss, or trying to conceive, it felt positive and good.

I'm putting it down as one delightfully giant step in the right direction. Especially positive since I spent the weekend eating things like french toast and came away 2lbs lighter this week! YAY for drinking more water and getting some exercise!

Now, if I could just figure out how I can move into that Lodge without someone noticing....


  1. That lodge sounds heavenly. Take me with you.

  2. That sounded like a wonderful weekend, good for you.