Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Update.

I am furious. How can the doctors office NOT CALL? Don't they know I've been sitting around petrified for 24hours?

My nurse is usually really on top of things. The first appointments at the office are at 9:00am and she usually calls me right around 8:30. This morning? Nothin. Turns out it's a different nurse Thursday and Friday. I decide to give them until my lunch time.

11:30 rolls around and my phone has rang 1,000 times, but not once has it been their office.

I call and let the receptionist know that I'm waiting on test results and I haven't heard back. She said that the nurse was on the phone, but she would have her call me.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Two hours roll by and I've lost my patience. I call again, get the same receptionist and tell her I still haven't heard. She places me on hold for what feels like forever before she comes back to let me know that they are waiting for my doctor to view the results.

What the hell, doc? Get with the fricken program!

Apparently the results were sent to him to review before being released to my chart where the nurse could get them and call me. This is a first. Of course my mind is now going 1,000 mph wondering what it all means. Is that a good thing? Did they go up, which we were expecting, and now he's spending time piecing it together? Or did they go down and he is putting off calling me with bad news? What does it all mean??

It is now almost 6:00 p.m. and the office is closed. That means no phone call for me today. No update. No results. Only nausea (nerves? pregnancy? here I go again...) and anger.


  1. Oh man, what an awful wait. Don't they understand the torture they are inflicting upon you??! I hope you get a really good call bright and early tomorrow :)

  2. Oh gosh, what torture. I'm so sorry honey. :(

  3. Goodness, I hope you get a call early this morning.

  4. Horrible! I am also residing in beta hell (waiting to get the results of #4) at the moment... seriously not a fun place to be! I hope you've heard something this morning- the waiting is so hard!

  5. HEy--Visiting your blog through Josey's. Praying you hear back soon if you haven't yet. Praying for good news.