Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Overwhelmed... Again.

My life is a crazy train. Currently we are:

*Trying to sell our rental house. We need to get our from underneath the extra expense. This is requiring all kinds of documents and contact from my agent. Almost nightly I am printing up documents, making copies, and faxing them back. The best part - I don't have a working printer. Thank goodness for friends and the new Staples in town. Ridiculousness.

*Work is a madhouse. I am working at about 1.5 peoples jobs right now. I literally am multitasking from the time I sit down until I leave at the end of the day. Yesterday I went almost 10 hours without even visiting the bathroom. I was even one of those crazy office cartoons where someone is writing an email, answering the phone, closing drawers with her feet, etc. NUTS! It is also starting to be the busy season for my volunteer work. I don't get paid to chair our volunteer committee, but it the best part of my job. Unfortunately starting this time of year it takes up more of my time. Right now that equals 10+ hour days.

Those two things are enough. They fill up an entire day. It leaves enough time to eat dinner, shower, and give me about 6.5 hours sleep (even though I'm an 8+ hours a night kinda gal). It is all of the things going undone that are piling up around me.

*Projects I want to tackle at work
*Office/Guest bedroom choas - disorganization and piles are everywhere
*My house has barely been cleaned in weeks. Poor Jeremy has been getting us by these last couple weeks
*There is hardly anything edible in my refrigerator. Not great considering I've got no time to plan ahead for healthy meals.
*The dogs are months overdue for a vet visit and they both need it. Little Lacey is still a poo eater ::GAG::
*My ultrasound appointment last Friday? I simply FORGOT IT. I have never done that before. I even mentioned it here the night before. Just completely slipped my mind.
*Pictures on my camera are sitting there unedited and haven't been distributed
*The gym - folks, I've gained 10 lbs and am bitter as hell about it. 10lbs and no babe to show for it. Hell hath no fury like a woman who has REgained weight for a baby she didn't get to keep.

And frankly, I've forgotten the rest. Dusting around the ceiling? Maybe next spring. Laundry? Smells fine, isn't wrinkled = clean!

I need to seriously get my shit together. J has been fantastic. Really truly wonderful. He is picking up my slack and then some. I'm not worthy.

I know my motivation is in there somewhere. I know that I'm capable of doing more to get us through. I mean - look at me - I've been sitting here for 10 minutes bitching about it when I could be scrubbing a toilet. But going at 110mph for 18 hours a day is for the birds. I need a maid and an assistant.

Know anyone that wants to work for free?


  1. Free? No. But I'd gladly donate to the "keep Mrs. S sane" fund. Other than that, I know EXACTLY how it feels to gain weight during pregnancy and have no baby to show for it. Luckily, with Katie I only gained like 5lbs. Matthew was a different story. I haven't been exercising or eating like I need to so I haven't lost any weight. Let's do it together, yes? ::giggles:: I want to do it with you. You know what I mean... the diet and exercise again...

  2. Seriously - why the frak are you being so hard on yourself? Please take it easy! Self flagellation, though an old hobby of mine, is not so much with the good. Please please let yourself take it easy. Xoxo