Friday, June 19, 2009

7 Minutes

This is how long it took for my thermometer to read my temp this morning before I just quit and shut the damn thing off. I don't have any idea of how long it would have gone on.

How crazy is that?! Now i have no idea if this temp will be accurate. It spent a good long time on 96.5 and I thought it would be beeping any second and then '96.7' popped up. I layed there forever until I just said fuck it and shut it off.

Why can't this process be going just a tiny bit smoother? I am the worlds worst charter, I swear.


  1. ...its ok...take a deep breath ;)

  2. Given the day following, that temp may be fairly accurate, but that is bizarre. Also, if it stayed on 96.5 for several minutes your body temp could have gone up as you lay there awake waiting on it so I probably would have gone with whatever number was on there the longest.

  3. Buck - that was something I've been pondering. I made note of the temp and I figured that I would toy with it later and see if it made any difference.