Monday, June 1, 2009

Torturing myself - again.

Apparently I have a closet fetish for self torture that I never knew about until the TTC process.

In talking to a dear friend, this dawned on me late last night... It is possible that our previous months have been unsuccessful because I am one of those that O later than most. This I would not have known because I didn't chart before this month. So, it is entirely possible (although I do understand it is unlikely) that what I thought was a practically non-existant period last month, was actually implantation spotting.

Following me? Excellent.

This would mean the test I took immediately following said 'period' (to prove to DH that I wasn't infact KTFU) would of course have been negative because I had just been 'fertilized'.

So, since I am on approx. day 25 of this new cycle I think I will purchase tests this week just to be prepared. But now, because of the aforementioned self-torture I am so fond of, I'm wondering if I should take a test sooner. You know, just for shits and giggles? I am a pretty big fan of peeing on stuff...

PS. WHY oh WHY do otherwise perfectly sane women do this kind of shit to ourselves?! I think I need to be commited.


  1. I would test if I were you. I am a pee pusher.

  2. nlvaden, I knew you and I were meant to be friends. I too am a pee pusher. Thank goodness there is a dollar store on the way home!