Thursday, June 25, 2009

Third post in an hour and a half. Can't be good, right?

It isn't horrible I suppose. But, I forgot to mention in the shitfest that was my day yesterday, I learned that my BIL is trying to join the Navy. I am having very mixed emotions over this. I am sure they are very similar to the things that all people think when a loved one goes into the service. I'm proud that he wants to make something of himself and serve his country. I'm upset that he would be moving away (along with my nieces and nephews). The potential for him to be sent to war is good... you know, all the typical stuff.

I am a little concerned that he is grasping at straws however. He's been frustrated with his job search (a WHOLE THREE WEEKS!) and worried that he isn't qualified enough for anything out there. He is 25, a newlywed, father of a 2 month old, stepfather to 4 and 5 year old boys. He has not worked out or done any sort of physical fitnes in... well at least the 8+ years I've known him. He would be joining and working with 18/19 year olds with no responsibilities fresh out of high school and typically in decent shape (I get this is a generalization and not 100% accurate). He does have a new baby and this will require him to be away quite a bit...

I'm not saying that I don't want him to join. I just worry that his lack of thinking things through is striking again. I mean, the guy has one quarter left of school (two classes) and hasn't finished. Just one example of his stellar follow through.

J talked with him for quite awhile last night. J's best man was in the navy (left the navy as a seal). He gave him his friends number and said to call and talk to him. He could give him some realistic expectations and help him make his decision.

I'm not sure which way I hope he goes. So long as he does his research and makes an educated decision that is right for him and his family, I will be happy for him. We will just have to wait and see!

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  1. Well, atleast with the Navy he is stuck with that decision as well as medical benefits and steady income for his new family. There could be worse things he could do. It's not an easy life, but servicemen and their families are very supportive of each other so whereever they go, there will be support.