Monday, June 29, 2009


With the power of 1000 suns, I fucking hate Monday's. Hate. Today was shit.

Systems were down this morning. That means LOTS of unhappy customers. Who do unhappy customers want to talk to? 'YOUR MANANGER!' Yeah, that's me. I did my fair share of ass kissing this morning.

Not long after things were up and running did I talk to this Peach. She was upset because of some requirements we have established for the particular request she was making. Without giving away what I do for a living, let's just say there are damn good reasons for these requirements (read: common sense security measures). I couldn't get her off my phone for almost 45 minutes. Loverly.

All this was topped with a couple of meetings, a really busy phone day, and almost not getting out on time. The day before the last day of the month is NOT the day we want our teams stats to hit the shitter.

It was probably good that R couldn't make our lunch date (which I am still bummed about!) because I totally wouldn't have had the time.

Oh, and that brings me to my final rant - HOW IN THE HELL IS JUNE ALMOST OVER?! Craziness.

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  1. Because the world is plotting against us and smack us up side the head with mortality (read the years flying by). Gaia's a persnickety bitch.