Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feeling Blah.

Yesterday and today I have just been blah, for lack of a better descriptive word.

Last week was crazy busy and this weekend I didn't get to catch up on my sleep (Did I fail to mention that R and I had a garage sale??). I think it is all finally catching up to me. Yesterday morning I had these lofty plans to come home, make my husband a nice dinner just because I felt like it, get some chores done, and get to bed early. I accomplished none of that. I sat around, watched tv, couldn't take a nap to save my life. It was almost 8:00 and I still didn't have dinner. J ended up making something quick for us.

Today is no better. I'm having trouble getting motivated, my employees are bugging the crap out of me, and I just want a nap.

I need to snap out of it!

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