Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just as I suspected.


Even after taking the 923409858 test, why does it still sting to tell your husband that it was negative?

Thank you for the brownie flavored juju, nlvaden. Brownies are my fav!


  1. I love brownies too! I know what you mean about telling your husband its negative. It makes me so sad when he waves a pregnancy test in my face with so much hope when you already know what the answer is going to be. However, just the hope in his eyes makes it worth it to test to think of what may come from it.

  2. Because no matter what you know is true, your heart still holds out hope as a way of smacking you down and keeping you in check. Damn pandora and her box, bitch never could keep a lid on anything but she just HAD to leave Hope in there.
    E-hugs and I'm sorry. Negatives suck no matter if you know it will be or not.

  3. Thank you ladies! Both of you are totally right. And there is always next month...