Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Oh yes, because I definitely needed to further my journey into paranoia.

R, although I love her, kind of got me freaked out about PCOS. She started asking me about these symptoms. Which, of course, if you research anything you will say 'I HAVE THAT!' to just about 90% of the symptoms. Go ahead, pick something - look up the symptoms, and report back. I'll wait.... am I right?

PCOS symptoms include, but are not limited to, acne (need I remind you that you could call me pizza face recently? I won't horrify you will the stories of the backne ::shudder::), hairiness (while this is not typically an issue I have begun over examining every extra follicle 'J, does it look like I have a mustache to you? it does to me...'), dandruff (WTF?!), and erratic temps (see last months award winning shit-tastic chart). While the chances are that all is well, I've been keeping this in the back of my mind. There isn't shit I can do about it but keep charting and bring these along with me at the end of the year if we still have no success. Ugh... the thought of still having no success by the end of 2009 is a sucky thought.

Any thoughts out there from the ladies that have been diagnosed with this? What was your first clue? Did you just go months with no success and then go in to be checked out?

Damn my obsessive compulsive curiousity. Damn it all to hell.


  1. HA Blame me, not R as she has been privy to way too much of PCOS hysteria. BTW when we say Hairy we are talking an extra eyebrow on your lip, and patches of thick course hair on your chin that is just easier to wax then to pluck all 20 of them out. The older you get, the more wonkier the hormones and then you get the lovely random hair on your boob, your shoulder and your goodie trail could rival your husbands. Just call me sasquatch. No amount of Head and Shoulders will every fix the dandruff either which is extra special when you dark brown hair. Your skin is just always dry but then you also have lovely oil slicks on your face with mountain ranges randomly popping out.
    While everyone may think they have symptoms, you have to remember that for diagnosis, symptoms are usually severe. I had never heard of PCOS till BOTB and never bothered to look it up to apply it to myself. I was in denial but the new Dr. I saw in December pretty much diagnosed me within 10 minutes and ordered the bloodwork to confirm.

    Don't try to diagnose yourself with anything. Chart for a couple months before assuming anything. Without previously charting you can't determine if ANYTHING Is wrong at all. I hope and pray that you are perfectly well and you just have had REALLY BAD timing :P. GL!

  2. Damnit. I'm sorry. Really, I'm sorry.