Sunday, May 31, 2009

I win.

The award for the ugliest chart of all time, of course! My temping was spotty at best this month and there are a couple I should probably toss. I think I may be picking up a new thermometer too (not starting until next cycle of course). I think the batteries may be dieing or this one is just off because the temps are really pretty low. It makes me question the accuracy.

I was hoping that charting would deliver me some 'answers'. The only thing I've been given so far is further confusion.

For your viewing pleasure:
(click to enlarge)
I win, yes? Is there a large broken uterus shaped trophy involved in winning such a prestigious award?

PS. If you flip my chart upside down it looks strikingly like 'the shocker'... Now I know my lady bits are just messing with me.

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