Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

What a great one it was. Here is the short chronicle of my adventures.
Shopping and lunch with my best pal R. We did some major outlet shopping and she got some GREAT deals at Carter's. That store completely melted what is left of my dysfunctional lady-bits. Oh, and I got a SUPER cute dress on sale at Gap. Of course I won't fail to mention that it was a size smaller than I typically buy. Score!

After R's, J and I went to a baseball game. It was a really fun night, although it went into overtime so we were home a lot later than planned. We had an early morning!

Saturday - Monday afternoon:
CAMPING! Our first trip of the year. It was beautiful (mid 70's) the whole time. We had fantastic company and one of our fellow campers even had a boat, so we got to enjoy the lake. It was honestly one of the best camping trips (as soon as I can forget the memory of our mattress going flat every night...).

All in all, great weekend. Fun times had by all. Cannot wait to go on camping trip #2.

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