Friday, May 15, 2009

Perfect Post

I'm bored. I'm lazy. J is asleep on the couch. Three reasons why I am selling out and doing a survey... let the mediocrity commence.

The perfect outfit: My favorite is - cute squared toe black heels, jeans, black three-quarter length shirt... the shoes can be changed out depending on what we're doing...

The perfect meal: steak, baked potato, caesar salad, glass of red wine

The perfect hangover cure: Gatorade and ibuprofen before bed. Greasy breakfast.

The perfect facial feature: Eyes.

The perfect drink: Mango Margarita (fell in love with these on my honeymoon!)

The perfect song: Ooh, this is a tough one. I love Michael Buble's Everything at the moment.

The perfect sign of affection: A good hug. It's universal. From J? Snuggling.

The perfect afternoon: Tomorrow is going to be pretty great... lunch downtown, beer garden and a baseball game with friends!

The perfect vacation: I'm not picky at this point. I would love Europe, anywhere tropical, Alaskan cruise...

The perfect invention: Internet.

The perfect type of wedding: Mine! I had such a great day. Nothing I would change. I've had so many compliments on how relaxing and fun the evening was.

The perfect album: Colbie Caillat

The perfect accent: Southern

The perfect date: Dinner somewhere nice with J, a movie at home snuggling with the dog.

The perfect weather: 80 - low humidity.

The perfect party: Not too big, close friends, good food, tasty beverage.

The perfect sport: Softball!

The perfect thing to say: 'See you when I get back from vacation!'

The perfect day of the week: Saturday. I get to sleep in!

Okay, tag YOU are ALL it.

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