Thursday, May 28, 2009

Helping out Friends

About 8:00 last night we got a call from a close family friend of ours. He needed our help. His parents (read: the nicest most wonderful people on the face of the planet) are in Demark for the month and a pipe in their house burst. I felt awful for them. I can't imagine how stressful that would be. Thankfully their son and his girlfriend have been coordinating with the insurance company all day (who were VERY on top of things I might add) to try and clean up the mess. How did they even find out it happened? A neighbor saw a river running out from underneath their garage door. Major suckage.

In addition to being sweet and wonderful, this couple is fairly well off. They have worked hard and are enjoying the fruits of their labor. Their house is in a beautiful neighborhood and over looks the water (and if you know us IRL, you know that water views here are NOT cheap).

When J and I got to the house and I almost literally sick. The water had run down the walls and their antique piano, plasma tv, carpet, real/solid beautiful hardwood floors, and other decor are in the drive way. Their kitchen floor (more gorgeous hard wood) has been sawed in half and was in the process of being torn up. Their house has always been my dream house and to see it in pieces.. well it sucked. Thank goodness for insurance!!

On the bright side of things, what they needed our help with was moving their fleet of cars because they were in the way. While the girlfriend got to drive their brand new Denali (drooool), I got to drive the second best - the new Volvo XC90. Yup, that is my new favorite. SO comfortable, drove like a dream. I <3 it. It WILL be my next car. Even if I have to steal it... okay, maybe not then. It was definitely worth not getting to sleep until midnight (I have to get up at 4am.).

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