Friday, May 1, 2009

Chubby Check In

As promised I am here with my weigh in. It isn't great, but it certainly is WAY better than yesterday. Thank god it was only water retention (the scale said that I'd gained two lbs yesterday! TWO!).

Today's weight - 204.3

That's .2 lbs less than last week. Not great progress. Not great at ALL. However, all I can do is vow to be better this week. If I'm a little better each week then we'll get there. Right? Yes... I've just got to keep telling myself that.

.2lbs down - 9.8 to go (and 30 more to go after that...). ::sigh::


  1. Exactly. I mean what is 30lbs when it is standing between me and HOTNESS, right? Right.