Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm getting worn out.

Well, starting yesterday afternoon the spotting has continued. It is a bit more and I think a precursor to the AF to come. It's inevitable now.

I do this sort of thing all the time. I get something all worked up in my mind and then I am overly disappointed when it doesn't work out the way I'd hoped. Not just with baby making, but with holiday plans, a good interview, making an offer on a house, etc. Apparently I am much more of an optimist than I thought.

Unfortunately, what bothers me more than being disappointed myself, is disappointing J. He is going to make such an amazing daddy and I wish I could make that happen for him. Lady bits, can you PLEASE get your shit together? Oh and you, AF, you're a bitch. Can you just get here already so I can start charting and get on with this dog and pony show? K, thanks.

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