Thursday, May 14, 2009

Progress *edited*

The scale this morning read: 203.7

That is 1.3lbs less than last Thursday. Not remarkable, but I'll take it! (I will update with measurements tonight...)

Yesterday, one of my employees caught me after I walked by her desk and asked 'S, are you still working out?' When I answered affirmative she said 'Well you're just looking skinnier every day!'

Now that I could get used to hearing! Gotta love a kiss ass.

EDIT: Here are my measurements. These are compared against my starting measurements on 4/23. (3 week results)

In inches
Calves: -1.75
Thighs: -.75
Hips: -1.5
Stomach (at belly button): -1
Bust: -1
Arms: No change

Not a whole lot of difference over last week, but I am feeling pretty good! I did 30 consecutive push ups today!

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  1. thats awesome!! good job!! p.s. i nominated you for an award!