Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm SO clumsy!

I am a world class klutz. Tripping over my own two feet, walking into things and falling down are all things I would win gold in if they were events in the Olympics.

Yesterday we went rollerblading with the dog down a local trail and I biffed it hardcore. My feet flew right out from under me like a cartoon character and I landed flat and hard on my ass. Scraped up my left butt cheek and my wrist is a bit sore today to boot.

Later that night I had the joyous experience of having J rub Neosporin on my bummed bum. Nothing says love like rubbing ointment on your significant others ass!

Hey, the silver lining is perhaps it will help with my measurements this week??? Lol.


  1. I feel you on the Klumsy! DH wants to use the middle name of Grace for any female offspring to counteract "her mother's klumsy gene, the kid needs all the help she can get with you as her mom." Yep...he's taken!

  2. I was like, well, duh, we all know that! Than I realized these readers don't know you as well. I still think you should have claimed L & I for a few weeks after tripping over that carpet at work. Also...please reassure me that you scraped your ass THROUGH some type of clothing, and that you were not in fact wearing shorts short enough to bare that kind of skin in the inevitable event of a fall? Please?

    Note: It could have been worse - R's friend biffed it on her Heeleys out in front of my house last week - smack on her FACE. 11 year old screamed so loud I thought it was the 3 year old across the street. She'll never put wheels on her feet again. Maybe you could learn from her...

  3. Oh, yes, important clarification. I was in fact wearing yoga pants during the event. And thankfully there weren't many around to witness the awful affair.

    However, I should get badass points because I totally finished our little jaunt. A good 3 more miles or so!