Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The downturn...

This afternoon while I was in my picture hanging/decorating frenzy, I noticed a large pile of those silica beads on the carpet. WTF? Where the hell did those come from? I haven't bought anything with those little packets of the crap that keeps mosture out... So I get them all picked up and notice that our Lacey is nom noming away on the bag they come in. DAMN DOG! Which happens to be exactly what I yelled at her. So I basically shit and decide to call the vet who 'highly recommend' that I bring her in so they can make her vomit. Umm.... No. If vomiting is all they'll do, I can do that myself. Keep you $100 vet bill to yourself.

Thankfully before I gave her the hydrogen peroxide I did some research (God bless the internet). Basically it won't do anything to her unless she ate a lot of it. Based on the giant pile on the carpet and the smallish size of the bag that I took away from her, I'm not sure she got much, if any. In small amounts the most damage is dehydration because it wants to absorb her mosture. The cure is lots of water. I can do that! I'm so glad I did my reading before I put up with hours of vomiting. She's been absolutely fine with no signs at all that anything is abnormal. We'll keep an eye on her and take action if necessary.

Round II

A friend of ours was in town so we went out to dinner with them. When they dropped us at the house after dinner our friends wife noticed that Harley was walking weird. Not even weird enough for me to notice, but still. She asked if something was wrong with his leg. I get him to lay down and roll on his back and sure enough, the entire inside of his back left leg is huge. He's an 85lb lab, so he's a big dog, but I would say this mass is about the size of a softball. Except that it is oblong. And it is hard. Our friends wife happens to work with vets and is in vet medicine. She thinks there is a good chance it is a tumor.

Thankfully it is not causing him any pain and prodding it didn't upset him at all. In fact, he just looked like he enjoyed the attention. I called our vet, which of course is closed, and left a message to get an appointment tomorrow after work. It wouldn't be the first lump or growth he's had (all benign), but this is by far the largest. The biggest lump he's had before was smaller than a golf ball. I really hope that it turns out to be nothing.

So, my last day of vacation took a turn for the stressful. I hate it when stuff like this happens! If you have a moment I would appreciate some extra love for Harley. Thanks!


  1. Oh no! I'm thinking of Harley! Our lab Lacy has had a couple skin tags and growths as well. I think labs are just more prone to that kind of stuff. Hopefully it's nothing!

  2. oh no!! massive love for your pups! I can't stand the feeling of helplessness when something is wrong with my fuzzballs and I can't do anything!

  3. Aww sweetie, I'll keep Harley in my thoughts.