Thursday, July 1, 2010

I think she was wrong.

I'm not a fan of Doc Oc's fill in, who will henceforth be known as Dr. Wrong. She seems to quickly get me in-out without much discussion and evaluation. This time, I think she may have missed something. Here's how my cycle went down:

CD13 - Visited with Dr. Wrong - Good thick lining, a few larger follicles that 'aren't ready', we schedule a follow up on CD17

CD17 - lining had thinned, a number of follicles but they are small, she declares that I did not respond to the Femara. She recommended a check at CD2-3 to get another look at the ol' bits. I would take my meds CD3-7 (instead of 5-9) and we would up the dosage to 7.5mg

My OPK's from CD13 through now have gotten lighter and lighter. Know what today is? CD1. AF came early. I suppose she wanted to be here for the holidays. That means a 22 day cycle. Know what I think? I think I ovulated early. It would be the second time that has come up. (If you recall, I had this same experience the cycle before last.) It would make sense considering the lay of the land on CD13. It looks like I could have been on the downward side. If I ovulated on CD 11 or 12, it would be early, but it would be a much better explanation considering the early end to my cycle. Any other thoughts out there?

I called the doctors office (Doc Oc is back this week!) and I'm waiting for his nurse to call me back. Here's what I'm proposing (either over the phone, or if I can get in for that CD2-3 appt - great timing with the holiday, no?)...

Up my dosage to the 7.5mg as Dr. Wrong suggested. Even when I did respond in a timely fashion last cycle, it wasn't the greatest. Discuss whether or not I should take it 3-7 or 5-9. (What is the difference? I need to understand that better.) Schedule an earlier 'midcycle' scan and start my OPK's earlier than I feel like I need to. That way even if it isn't 'early' this month I can know for certain.

That's my game plan peeps. Having that 'Ah ha!' moment while I sat on the toilet staring down at red panties on CD23 did dull the ache in my heart at another cycle lost. Please let this be another step towards progress. Please.


  1. I haven't commented before, but I've been following you for a bit, so I thought I would throw in my 2 cents.

    I found out I ovulate early at the 2nd RE. My first RE missed every single cycle. When I switched Dr's and told her I thought I was ovulating, she listened and had me do a progeterone test that day, which is the only way to know if you are really ovulating or not.

    This cycle, if it seems like they missed it, INSIST on a progeterone level to prove when you ovulate. We moved the ultrasound, trigger and IUI up 2 days and it worked the very next cycle, (although it ended up being etopic) and it proved to me I was right all along. No one knows our bodies better than we do, and Dr's need to listen when we tell them things. Good Luck!

  2. Thank you! I don't know why I never even thought of the progesterone test. I definitely will this next cycle if I have to. Thanks for commenting!