Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thankful Thursday

1. My Family - Tomorrow I will have attended two funerals in one week. Both people died younger than they should have. It is sad and unfortunate, but it has given me perspective and extra appreciation for my family.

2. Cough Drops - My week started with awful allergies and that stuffy nose led me to a sore throat. So much for allergies. My throat isn't so much sore as it is dry, if that makes any sense at all. Cherry Cough Drops = Tasty wonderful heaven.

3. AF - I know, CRAZY TALK, right? But I am grateful that it has come early after a frustrating cycle and we get a fresh start.

4. Thursday - Because if it is Thursday, that means it is almost Friday and thus almost a long weekend. Long Weekends = Tasty wonderful heaven... wait that's cough drops... Hurry up weekend, I'm losing it here!

5. Cute Banana Republic LBJ - If I've got to attend funerals, I'm grateful I have a stylin' little black dress. With pearls (I mean really, is there any other way?).

TGIT Peeps!

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