Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My husband is fired.

I start work at an ungodly hour, so J typically calls at about 8:00 to say good morning. It's a sweet little 2-5 minute conversation and I look forward to it daily. With that being said, after our conversation today - He. Is. Fired.

I told him I needed to go by the store on my way home because I need to get a test. We were supposed to get one when we went grocery shopping and forgot. What was his response?

"I think you should wait to test until we get back from camping."

Peeps - that would be NEXT MONDAY. I'm fairly certain he was kidding. God I hope so.

He did say it would save me from any unnecessary disappointment. While I appreciate his thoughtful concern, I would DIE. Perhaps literally. I might start spontaneously peeing on actual sticks while we are in the woods.


  1. LOL... no WAY could I be that patient! Peeing on actual sticks in the woods...LOL...

  2. Might as well know the results before the trip. It will be much more enjoyable knowing the news (either good or bad)

  3. He's lost his mind. If it was me, I'd be testing before the trip. Not knowing drives me crazy.
    Whatever you decide to do, best of luck!
    (Peeing on actual sticks... lol. Best threat ever.)

  4. I thought you meant that he was fired from his job! LOL! Peeing on real sticks! Too funny! Definitely pee before the trip and let us know how it goes!! But either way, have fun on your trip! Perhaps that's what your hubby was most concerned about! ;-) Happy ICLW! (#45 & 46)

  5. oh my gosh, that is hilarious the thought of peeing on a branch waiting for a line to show up. I would have to know if I were you. Either BFP and your so excited all weekend, or BFN and you can drink enough to where you don't know what your name is.

  6. Tiffany, that is exactly the reason I gave him!