Thursday, July 15, 2010


Similar to D-Day, but... not.

I have never before had more of the 'classic' ovulation symptoms. Yesterday I was a royal CM mess and could feel very minor discomfort/twinges in my lady-bits region. This morning, almost exactly 36 hours later (which I didn't notice until it happened)I am having some mild cramping. Not the sucky/throbbing AF kind, but a bit sharper and more localized (if that makes any sense at all!).

Is this what it is like to be a function female member of our species!?

I'll take it!

Here we begin another round of the longest two weeks of my life. Thank god I have plenty to keep me busy or it wouldn't matter if I ovulated because I would have spontaneous combusted from the waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Oh, and sometime remind me of the HILARIOUS story of where I sent R a picture of my VERY clearly positive OPK and she nearly shit herself. SO. FUNNY.

Happy Friday-Eve! I'll 'see' you later for my next instalment of Thankful Thursday. Love ya!


  1. I wouldn't know if that's waht it feels like, but it sounds pretty close! Come on egg!