Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This week has given me a number of things to be grateful for.

1) Summer! Summer has finally arrived in the pacific northwest. I love summers here. I cannot get enough of being outside. This one will probably pop up on my TT posts for weeks!

2) We are DONE painting! The kitchen and dining room are painted! The wallpaper is no more. I could stand in the doorway and just stare at the walls. It is beautiful. Next is tile shopping. I love looking at tile and now I finally get to design the layout and actually buy it instead of window shopping. Almost done with the kitchen revamp project!

3) Getting to see what a big fatty follicle looks like on the monitor on Monday. As soon as the pictures from the dildo cam came to life on the screen I said 'WHOA! THAT is what they're supposed to look like!' I almost cried. When the doctor turned away to clean up, I looked at J and whispered 'I did it!' and he smiled and nodded like a kid. It was a great feeling.

4) The Harry Potter books. I'm a dork, but we've covered that previously, so let's just move on. I've got to reread the series before the first installment of the last movie (follow that?) comes out in November! They really are great books. Love!

5) OVULATION. Obviously that is the highlight of my week. I have had some cramping today. Not crippling or anything, but dang. It is funny that the shot is what I was most nervous about (especially after the soreness I had last time) and it's been the easiest part this week! My lower tummy is hard and tender. I think those follicles ruptured like fireworks in there today. If they were at 19ish mm on Monday and I am just ovulating today, that means they've grown another 1-2mm a day, for a total size of about 22-25mm! That is basically and INCH! Hot damn, that just seems giant...

This week I am grateful for the progress we've made in many areas of my life. From the minor, my kitchen; to my ute, which is much more emotionally satisfying. Tonight is dinner and a movie at our friends place. A night OFF. Just another something to be appreciative of. Good food and good friends. If I ignore the stress and generally crappiness at work then it has been a fantastic week thus far.

This weekend we're going to a wedding and next week is our anniversary! Nothing but good times ahead. Got to keep my butt busy for the next two weeks. Any fun weekend plans?

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  1. Woo hoo for giant follicles! Awesome!

    Don't feel bad for being a Harry Potter lover... we're cooler than you think. :)