Friday, July 23, 2010

Resisting Urges

Not those kinds of urges you perves.

This urges involves me pee.

Urges. Those tempting little voices in your head that try and trick you into doing something you know darn well you're not supposed to do. Especially when those things involve my urine. Especially when those urges are 5 days early.

Listen peeps, I told myself (again with the talking to myself... perhaps I should explore this...) I wouldn't test until CD28. Which happens to be the 28th. Next Wednesday. Because that would be the first day of my 'missed' (HA! Missed my as... nevermind) period.

Back to the voices. Now they're saying things like 'Lady, your cycle was only 22 days last month so technically you're already "late". Shut it little voice!

I hate being disappointed. So somewhere in there I know that I want to wait. Another part of me is really impatient. Shocking, I know.

It's probably a good thing I don't have a single pee stick in the house. Because I'm not sure I could resist. Actually buying one would require me getting out of the house, thus changing out of my sweats, and going to the store. Not sure if I could muster the courage.

How can a girl handle these dilemmas!?


  1. The thing that worked for me was just keeping myself busy. Not keeping the tests in the house worked well too!

    Plus, I was scared for a false negative and didn't want to get upset for nothing.

    Good luck!

  2. You are brave!! I remember those urges. Every day during my last two week wait I asked my husband if I could poas and he would always say "no, wait!" Finally, 3 days early, he said yeah, go for it...I was instantly terrified. I would say hold out another day or two..then go for it!

  3. Don't do it! You can be strong and wait, I have faith in you :-)

  4. I'm trying to be strong! But this urge rivals that of a glass of wine after a long day, or ice cream in the sunshine. ::deep breath:: Lord give me strength.

    Now where's the ice cream?

  5. LOL, I am a POAS addict too...good luck!
    ICLW #40

  6. Haha - yep, I know that feeling! After my last IVF I decided I wasn't going to test but I did and it was a BFN and I was absolutely gutted and wished I hadn't tested so I could have held onto that tiny smidgen of hope for just that little bit longer. GOOD LUCK!


  7. Keep strong!! I hope you get your BFP in 3 days!!!

    ICLW #50

  8. Keep the pee sticks out of the house, and keep busy, find things to do, just don't pee!!

    Lol...the things people on a IF do...

    Happy ICLW!!

  9. The only thing that worked for me was keeping busy and reading. That way I could focus on someone else's life instead of my own! And you're so smart not to keep any tests in the house... I bought them in bulk online which was a horrible plan for poas urges! I have my fingers crossed hard for you!

  10. I bought them in bulk too, but thankfully (and sadly), I'm out. 3more days, 3 more days, 3 more days.