Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Weekend 'Off'.

After my doctors appointment on Friday, I decided that I was going to make a conscious effort to take the weekend OFF. No thinking about baby making, IF, doctors appointments, etc. It was going to be chores and time with friends and family that kept me busy.

I'm pleased to report it was a success. Thoughts creeped in here and there of course, but they were not the daunting/dreadful kind. I've actually been feeling very confident with our game plan. Let's just hope the lady bits pick up on this confidence and get to work! I am almost done with my first round of the increased dosage of Femara. I'm still feeling a-okay. No crazy side affects to speak of, except that it seems impossible for me to continue to lose weight. I know 'weight gain' was listed as a side affect, so maybe I should be happy I'm not gaining?

Something that I think is drastically improving my general disposition is the weather. SUMMER HAS FINALLY ARRIVED IN THE NORTHWEST. Damn it feels good to say that. Me and the weather around here were stuck in the same rut. Nothing but gray, dreary, yuckiness. I'm happy to report that this week it is blue skies and 90 degrees!

Our kitchen is on its way as well. I cannot tell you how much better it already looks and that's only with primer! I promise when we're all done there will be before and after shots. By this weekend I'm hoping we'll have the paint done and then I can start shopping for tile/stone backsplash! In fact I may need to show you what I am trying to decide between so that you can vote... Sound like fun to you?

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